About us

TBET is not just another fashion brand. TBET stands for a community, a story, an attitude. High quality styles with a strong message – supporting you in being who you want to be. 

Due to our street style background we like it casual, without the other shit. We don’t pay attention to the opinion of the others. We do our thing and stay true to each other! Our name is inspired by the people of Tibet who have remained true to themselves despite years of oppression. Our role model!

The history of our labels began xx years ago with a clear vision, the first shirts and a great community. Our plan was never to start a fashion label. We wanted to bring our message to the world. Express who you are and what you feel in your clothes. TBET was born. Now we are back in the game. And we are ready to attack.

You can only find our looks at the online shop and in our app. We are an independent brand that is not about commerce, but about cool looks with a strong message. WE WEAR WHAT WE ARE – TBET.