What's next? Part 1

What's next? Part 1

Hi Fam,

We at TBET have reinvigorated our brand with the idea of giving away free shirts in 2021. Our aim was to give people who had never been exposed to our brand the chance to experience our quality for themselves. We approached this marketing strategy with confidence, knowing that our products meet the highest standards. It turned out to be a huge success. Our participants were more than happy and a small but strong core group has developed into a strong customer base.

When we started selling our items for money, we saw the effects of our efforts. It turned out that our free drops were bearing fruit. However, we also saw that there were a small number of people who were trying to take advantage of us by taking part in multiple free drops without becoming real customers. This is small in number and not a problem in itself. However, it is important in terms of the long-term growth of the TBET Project. So we decided to start doing free drops, but excluding those who had participated before. This worked - the numbers improved - BUT one thing bothered us. We were preventing our true fans, who buy all other products, from expanding their collection by excluding people who had previously participated in free drops. This was a bit of a dilemma - on the one hand, we wanted to slowly start offering other products to our family members in addition to shirts, which often require high minimum quantities, which means that we need new customers. A very tricky situation... We decided to choose the collectors and the hardcore TBET fans - and we built our business model in such a way that we give everyone the chance to get any item they want if they really want it. This means: We will try to attract new customers through Meta/Instagram advertising with items that are not limited. And we will always sell the limited edition items to not exclude anyone.

As FreeDrops are now a unique selling point for TBET, we have decided that we will continue to offer hidden free drops to loyal customers who spend a certain amount in our shop or qualify in other ways. This means that we will be rewarding those who support us rather than giving free shirts to strangers. Our existing fans and customers are more important to us than new customers.

To summarise:

1. We will acquire new customers by advertising on Instagram and Meta for high volume items to showcase the quality and branding of our products.

Exclusive and limited drops will be made available to all customers...

...while only loyal customers* will have the opportunity to participate in free drops of special pieces that occur 1-4 times per year. In addition, loyal customers will have early access to limited drops. We appreciate your continued support and recognize the importance of our next steps.

Our next steps are important! Thank you for the massive support.

Thanks Fam <3

*a Blog Post which describes how we define Loyal Customers will be published soon. 

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