Time flies super fast, if you consider that we officially founded TBET almost 12 years ago. It wasn't an April Fool's joke - it happened exactly on April the first in 2009. Actually we came up with the idea a year before that! Our initial motivation behind TBET: We just wanted to build "our" own thing.  

Something that is not about self-realization in terms of fashion, but about the lifestyle - which still is present in our “real life”. We never had the best preconditions be it educational or financial. We know what it means to fall and to take the hurdles to get back up again. We literally didn't let anything or anyone get us down. During this time, friends have become family and family just means everything to us. To express that in another way, this means 100% loyalty. 

How it started

It all started when we thought of a symbol for our way of thinking and lifestyle.The result of this idea is the current logo, the TBET skull, which is based on a rectangle and five circles. 

To be honest, the first TBET shirt was created as a by-product of our urge to print our symbol on something. So we stretched a simple shirt on a weaving frame and sprayed the logo on it.

We didn't give a shit if it looked cool or not - we were part of the TBET family - that was all that mattered to us. Step by step, not only our close friends, but also the friends of our friends wanted a piece with our logo on it. So in 2009 we launched our first Shop.

We didn't want to build a big business, it was never the goal to get rich with it. What motivates us is the desire and conviction for the cause. 

After three years of love 

After three years of getting our message out, we realized that it was getting more and more serious. Everything was about paperwork (bureaucratic matters), writing taxes, investors wanting to be part of the label, business consultants contacting us and wanting to give us advice. But all of that was just too much of this "business" stuff that we never really cared about or wanted to be a part of at the given time. So these are the main reasons why we lost the passion back then.

We were just completely blindsided and distracted by our first success. We just weren't ready to take the responsibility for a real business and therefore decided to take the store offline in 2013.  

Today is different

Today - 12 years after the logo was created on an old school iMac - the vision of TBET is still as strong as it was in the beginning.

Our  friends are still the same. We have remained true to ourselves.

We have been rocking the last years - we had tons of good and also a few bad days in the last years - not with the skull on our chest but always in the back of our minds.

With TBET launching in 2021, we are starting a community-focused project that still doesn't give a shit about celebrities, influencers and trends. We don't want to inspire fashion gurus. We want a community that feels and wears what we do and wants to be a part of our TBET vision.

We are back soon.

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