TBET Classic Release Saturday 12:00

TBET Classic Release Saturday 12:00

Hey TBET Fam <3,

We've got some exciting news for you all! In this blog post, we'll be talking about our next steps for the brand, which include extending our shop with more Classic and Blank pieces, offering you more variety and style. So, let's dive right in!

Next Drop

As you know, our Classic pieces are clothing items that only have small logos or logo fonts stitched or printed, while Blank pieces do not have any prints or stitches at all, except for the typical TBET wear metal emblem. Our plan is to fill the shop with more Classic and Blank pieces, giving you more styles to choose from. The best part? These pieces are not limited, so they won't sell out quickly - our goal is to have them available online all the time!

TBET Classic Hoodie - Midnight

Now, let's introduce the first two pieces we'll be adding to the shop. First up is the TBET Classic Hoodie - Midnight Colorway. This hoodie has a slightly loose fit, based on the instantly sold-out TBET Hoodie from November. We've made it 2 cm longer and slightly narrowed the waistband. We've also placed the closure buttons inside the hood and dyed them black, making them hidden and subtle. The fabric is softer than ever, thanks to the carbon brush process that makes our pieces incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. This first colorway features a dark washed black with a dark blue embroidered "TBET WEAR" logo on the chest, a metal emblem on the front pocket, and the Classic Blue Flag stitched on the side, giving it a subtle yet stylish touch.

TBET Classic Oversize - Yale Blue

To complement the blue embroidered TBET logo on the Midnight Hoodie, we're introducing a new Oversize shirt in the rare and fresh Yale Blue Colorway. This colorway is special because it brings a unique and refreshing twist to Oversize shirts that you won't find elsewhere. The Yale Blue shirt also features an embroidered TBET WEAR logo on the chest and pairs perfectly with the Midnight Hoodie. For the release weekend, we're offering a discounted bundle price, which will be displayed in your cart.

Sustainable Streetwear - Our Focus

Both the TBET Midnight Hoodie and the TBET Yale Blue Oversize shirt are made with 100% organic cotton. This is just the first major step towards sustainability for TBET, with more to come in a later blog post.

TBET Classic Drop Saturday
12:00 PM

We are Fam <3

Stay tuned for more updates and the expansion of our TBET collection with Classic and Blank pieces that will offer you more styles and options than ever before!
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