About the Limited Drops & The "Lavendel Shirt"

About the Limited Drops & The "Lavendel Shirt"

Hey TBET Fam <3,

In our last blog post, we told you why we've started advertising and what changes will happen with our free drops. This post is about our product quantities. We want to share with you our plans for unlimited, limited, and super limited/collector editions (name not final).

TBET is known for limited edition products that sell fast. It's a fact that this limits our ability to grow our community and to offer different products. Our goal is now to grow our community while keeping our limited edition philosophy, so we can create even more exciting and innovative products for everyone.

So, how can we increase our quantities without actually increasing our quantities? The answer is by label our products into clearly defined categories.

Unlimited pieces:

  • TBET Blanks (no logo)
  • TBET Classics (small stitched logos, no prints)

Limited pieces:

  • TBET Drops

Ultra high limited pieces:

  • TBET Loyal Drops

We are creating ultra high limited pieces (name to be defined) that will be like our free drops but only for customers who meet certain requirements, such as spending a certain amount in our store in 2022 and 2023 or owning a specific previous TBET piece. A small number will be available for everyone, but it will be very rare because of the limited supply (less than 100 pieces). We will share more information about this in a future blog post.

The upcoming 'Lavendel Shirt" is different from our other categories. It will have way more pieces available than previous shirts, but it's still is part of the collectors editions of our previous drops. It will be the only TBET Skull Backprint available in a high quantity, but it will be one of the most important pieces - it's the last of its kind. Besides that the printing has improved and the material will be even softer.

After the "Lavendel Shirt" the TBET Skull Backprints will soon be the rarest and hardest to get items and only available in TBET Drops and TBET Loyal Drops.

One more thing:
To make the "Lavendel Shirt" even more special, the first people to buy will also receive a super limited TBET Big Lighter (edition 1) as a bonus with their order. 

TBET Fam <3.
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